High-value information is the best support to sharp decision making

QPØC will bring you high-value information by finding the 15% of sensitive information useful for your business and lead solid analysis to support your specific decision process:

  • Strategic development
  • Commercial fine-tuning
  • Competition knowledge
  • Innovation positioning

We will deliver you the most precise and updated information you need to answer your questions.



Market intelligence will be useful to anybody at some point

To starters

  • Assessing precisely your competitors position and next steps
  • Assessing your market considering competition, financing, policy and alternative products.

To developing and mature organisations

  • Defining your next steps considering your competitors’ or clients strategic position /products
  • Developing or not developing business in a new country according to the last relevant information from the field…
  • Fine tuning sales/communication arguments according to the next market factors.

We have gathered more than 15 years of international experience.

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